Adjust Network & Firewall Settings in Windows : Network Firewall

Network Firewall is Windows Security which will help you to check status of windows defender status and connected networks with your device. You can enable or disable networks connection and you can turn on or off Microsoft defender firewall while connected to the network.

There are 3 types of Network : Domain Network , Private network and public Network

Domain Network : A domain network is a type of network that allows users and devices to share resources and data across a centralized directory service. Example –

Private Network : Network where you trust the people and devices and your device is set as discoverable. Example – Local LAN at office or home

Public Network : Network in public place where your device is set non discoverable. Example – Airport, coffee shop etc.

With Firewall settings you can enable or disable Microsoft defender firewall to make your device discoverable or non discoverable while you are connect to these type of networks.

What does Firewall protection do?

Firewall Protection protects the Windows device and data from hackers. It allows some specific traffic that is secure for your system and monitors all the incoming traffic. Without enabling the firewall, hackers can easily steal your personal information from your operating system. Some devices come with firewall protection, so double-check the Windows firewall.

Open Network and Firewall Settings in Windows

To open the Network firewall settings in Windows, follow the steps:

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Type Windows Security and Select Windows Security app
  3. Select Firewall & Network Protection option

On Firewall & Network Protection, you will see your device connected to which type of network and also Firewall status ON or OFF. Select the network on which it is marked as Active. You can Turn ON Microsoft defender firewall by moving scroll button from left to right.

For advanced security through Microsoft defender firewall, In all three type of network checkbox is provided to block all incoming connections including list of allowed apps. By checking it will block all incoming connections and increase security.

What can all you do on Network & Firewall Protection?

There are several options to help you protect and increase security of your device as detailed below.

  • Allow an app through a firewall: Sometimes, a firewall blocks an application, so if you want to use that application, you can get access to the app on your device.
  • Network and Internet troubleshooter: If you’re facing any issue in network and connectivity then run the Network and Internet troubleshooter for rectifying the network issues.
  • Firewall notification settings: For getting the notifications related to network firewall then enable the notification from this option.
  • Advanced settings: Through this, you can also enable the Windows Defender firewall tool for some connection security rules and monitoring logs for the firewall.
  • Restore firewalls to default: If you lost your previous firewall settings, then you need to restore the firewall settings. Through this option, you can reset the network firewall settings.

You can use the advanced firewall settings to make changes to your operating system. At the bottom of the page, you can simply find the option for windows defender firewall advanced system settings.